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Parle, one of India’s oldest, and certainly one of its favourite FMCG brands, asked us to design their website to suit a more contemporary setting. We had to bring out the rich legacy of the brand, display their wide range of products in an organised, yet interesting way and make the website easy to navigate.

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The Solution:

Parle has been one of India’s largest brands for decades, and continues to make its presence felt in not just the FMCG sector. With widespread CSR & Social Initiatives on their portfolio, it was important for us to highlight these along with the evolution of Parle from a single factory company to a heavyweight in its industry.

To do this, while making it relevant to today’s audience, we ensured we used younger colours, elements of photography to display our products and made the website more interactive. Parle always stood for trust, taste and quality, and it was important for us to highlight these values through our designs, language and basic user experience.

Integrating the Core Values into the Website

By using photography throughout our website, we ensured users could view our range of products, the ingredients used and interact with the products on a digital platform. This allowed us to highlight the quality and distinct taste of our products in a newer, more interesting format.

To build the idea that Parle is one of India’s most trusted brands, we created a section on the website that highlighted Parle’s legacy by taking users on a journey through time. Right from Parle’s inception to present day, we showed our users how the company had grown, not only through its product range, but also the way the brand’s communication evolved over the years. A treasure trove of past advertisements helped us accomplish this in a unique, nostalgic manner.

We also wanted to highlight the trust that the brand has built since its inception, not only through the quality of products, but also through the CSR initiatives it has taken part in. A separate CSR section on the homepage complete with write-ups and videos helped us accomplish this.

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