OML// Website Design

The Brief:

We were approached by OML (Only Much Louder), one of India’s largest artist & event management agencies and tasked to develop 4 distinct websites for their most prominent entertainment festivals, all in 8 months. The festivals – NH7 Weekender, Stage42, The Coalition and U/A – each had their own unique visual and verbal languages and it was up to us to ensure each website was interactive, exciting and flexibly designed.

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The Solution:

While each festival had a different visual language, and catered to a different set of consumers, the structural back-end components that made up each website were essentially the same – venues needed to be displayed, performers needed to be announced and tickets needed to be sold.

We therefore came up with the idea to build out the back-end logic and components in staggered and systematic releases, wherein each part of the website was robust, well thought out and adaptable at a moment’s notice.

Regarding the look and feel of the websites themselves, it was important for us to design each using the appropriate visual language and aesthetics, all to successfully reflect the true emotion captured by the parent brands.

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