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The brief:

Lightbox, a VC firm based in Mumbai approached us and asked us to design their website for them. We were given a few basic guidelines – keep it clean, clear, minimal and convey all the required information in an easily legible format. While the brand’s language had already been established, we still had room to play with regard to the design and layout of the website.

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Project Type

Banking and Professional Services



The Solution:

After analysing several venture capitalist firms’ websites, we had two major takeaways – the information was cluttered, and the communication lacked a personal touch.

We immediately realised that our website layout would have to stand out. To accomplish this, we decided to use muted colours such as beige, black, white and light blue, all so that our communication remained bold and easy to read.

Highlighting Lightbox’s expertise and experience was crucial to build credibility. To make this stand out, we kept Lightbox’s ‘Portfolio’ page as uncluttered as possible. Each client had a short right up and further information could be accessed by clicking on the thumbnails.

Blogs regarding recent trends, business models and information about the market were also a vital way for Lightbox to convey their expertise. We soon realised however, that visitors on websites prefer not to scroll through text with no end in sight. We therefore added ‘the average reading time’ to each blog so that viewers had an idea of the length of the article before opening it.

Once the layout and functionality of the website took shape, we had to make the communication more personal and the team more approachable. We decided to include a ‘Team’ page that allowed viewers to read detailed write-ups about each member of the Lightbox family from their work experience to their personal ambitions. We also let viewers contact the team on their work email IDs.

This shifted Lightbox from your average VC firm to an approachable and experienced group of individuals who were interested in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. To truly drive this home, we included a ‘Pitch us’ page where entrepreneurs could easily tell the Lightbox team about their venture and then take the investment process further.

Lightbox Today:

Five years and over $100 million later, Lightbox stands as a unique VC firm not solely interested in maximising profits, but in closely collaborating with entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.

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