XYXX// Brand Building

The Background:

The curious case of this brand’s story started with a seed idea of curiosity. We wanted to build an underwear brand that encouraged people to make choices that weren’t sexy or practical, but fun. We wanted people to try new things, ask more questions and push their own boundaries.

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We were tired of seeing brands that talk to either men or women. We wanted a brand that spoke to both. It only made sense to bring the two genetic chromosomes together as a name for the brand.

Why is the line of the X missing?

Because we wanted people to ask just that. It builds curiosity. You have to admit you were wondering that yourself.

Where did we go from there?

We started designing prints, styles, playing with colours, the works. We had to get off our computers and go into factories to understand which colours run, which prints can be printed, what was the most cost effective method of using colour and print. We’re not fashion designers, so this brand was a whole new world for us. We had to unlearn and relearn a lot in order to design for XYXX.

Where do they sell?

Online. That meant we also had to design a digital presence for them. Here too, we pushed those boundaries. We built the site based on how the customers buy, based on styles of underwear. The fit is what drives purchase and where the web journey starts.

What’s with the Packaging?

Everything! But before we get into that, we realised two things about customers who shop online:

1. They normally shop at work.

2. They use their work address as a delivery address because (unfortunately) that’s where they spend most of their time.

Now we all know that nobody wants people to know that they’re getting their underwear delivered to work. So we decided to create packaging that looks like everything else except underwear. We used coffee tins, shuttle cork boxes and everything else we could find to make the most interesting, reusable and discreet packaging.

What’s the b(r)and got to do with it?

Branding the band is a big deal in the underwear industry. We looked at them all, from the CKs to the Jockeys to the DKNYs and we decided to play somewhere where nobody else was… in between Calvin Klein and everyone else. We found our 2-inch comfort and style factor made people curious to see what the rest of it looks like.

What’s next?

Curiosity killed the cat. Not us.