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Mad Over Donuts

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Packaging Design



What did the brand need help with?

Shunya is a 0 Calorie, 0 Sugar, 0 Artificial Sweetener drink. Inspite of this drink being the answer to all our health prayers – consumers were not flocking to the stores and grabbing them off the shelves. Shunya needed to communicate great taste and unbelievable good health in a bottle.

How did we get our hands dirty?

Part of what we did to launch Shunya, was to get on the streets and get consumers to try the drink.
We designed a Shunya Jeep – hopped on and drove all over the city to get the drink in consumers hands.

From burger joints in Delhi to corporate football matches in Bangalore to Joggers park and Lower Parel in Mumbai – we spoke to consumers and understood what they loved.

– A hydrating drink for health and sport
– A fizzy drink for fun and indulgence

Where did we sow the seeds of smart design?

Branding the hydration drink Shunya Go – alluding to an active lifestyle, a trend we see growing at an increasing rate.
This also created a need for the product in consumer’s everyday.

We changed the bottle to make it smaller and more on the go. And the design brought up more of the ingredients, as active health cues.


The carbonated drink was branded Fizz – to cue in fun and excitement. With Fizz, we played with gradients and neon to amp up the desire and attractiveness – we also created a dream like feeling on the can, to bring out the unbelievable-ness of the drink.

The typography took us to a retro cool space, to be more trendy with todays aesthetic.

Has the brand moved any mountains?

Over the last 9 months we helped establish the brand with the previous packaging. We took this time to learn the market, support the client in building their team and distribution network.

With our new packaging, new distribution model, digital marketing, new brand language and GTM strategy in place, we are now poised to get these products in everyones homes.

What were the things we did for love?

We never gave up – when consumers didnt believe whats in the can or bottle, we convinced them by redesigning it. When they didnt love the after taste, we supported the client while they enhanced the flavours. When they didnt know when to drink it – we set up occasions to do so.

We helped design health to look cool.