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Brand Building & Website




Falcon’s cutting-edge technology enables companies to go to market with their fintech products in as little as a day. They are creating the future of money. 


To establish themselves, Falcon approached us to create a brand identity and website as powerful as their platform, that speaks to both traditional and new-age businesses.

How did we help them with that?

As Falcon deals with money, the identity had to cue trust and expertise, while at the same time, being contemporary and bold. To achieve this we tapped into the mindset of growth often found with new businesses. 


We locked in “Built To Build With” as our tagline, which symbolised collaboration and expertise but also established Falcon as the building blocks for their clients to build upon. 

The Design & Brand Language

The “F” shaped logo was inspired by the form of the falcon bird with emphasis on its beak. 

Falcon Favicons: Our favicon is a simplified version of our logo. It appears as a thumbnail in browsers next to the Falcon website address. We use it as a substitute for the logo when we want to have more fun with the mnemonic.

Shades of blue, white and black were selected to bring in trust and expertise while maintaining a confident personality. A fluid mesh gradient cued the dynamism of the brand and plays a vital role across communication.


The iconography and illustration style are a combination of 3D and geometric shapes. By layering colours and shapes we brought in the idea of Falcon’s highly customisable stack.

Innovation Meets Website

With Falcon set to disrupt the industry, our challenge was to create a website that is equally innovative and future-forward. As the website is the brand’s primary digital touchpoint, this could only come to life using the latest technology, WebFlow. 

Expanding on our tagline, “Built To Build With”, we created isometric blocks to represent our core offering and convey key USPs. With a wide range of offerings comes an equally extensive set of icons made with geometrical shapes and sharp corners.     

Building Interaction

Heroing the movement and interaction played an important role to build intrigue. The visual assets transformed as one navigated through the website, reflecting key information with every scroll. We then added a layer of micro-interactions and animations to make the experience more engaging. 


This resulted in a responsive website that was disruptive for an audience eager to take on the future of fintech.